RUGAST Game & sports “Quizziz” Kahoot and Google Forms

“Quizziz” Kahoot and Google Forms


For teachers, Quizizz is a great tool for assessing student learning. It offers a flexible question-and-answer gameplay that doesn’t require a board or projector. In addition, it lets teachers view student reports and responses and address learning gaps, all in real-time. It also has the ability to be added to Google Classroom and offers a help center and training presentation for instructors. The software also lets users create custom questions and memes to enhance their lessons.


Quizizz is a quiz-based learning system that makes quizzes fun and engaging for students. The site offers a huge database of quizzes, and you can personalize the questions to your students and classes. To use Quizizz, you must register as a teacher, which is free and easy to do using your school email address, Google or Microsoft account. The site also offers integration with Google Classroom, Edmodo, and Remind.

Teachers use Quizizz as a supplement to their classes and for assessment. It’s free to use, and teachers can assign a unique access pass to each student. They can create quizzes for students and record them live. They can also assign quizzes as homework. And the more students use the site, the better the system becomes.

Quizizz is an ideal learning tool for students who need a quick review of their studies. Teachers can assign quizzes with a deadline or set a time to end the quizzes. The system allows teachers to track student progress and analyze trends in class data. It offers a free version and a premium version with premium consulting services and additional integrations.

Quizizz is easy to use and works on multiple devices. Its clean design makes it easy to create and manage online quizzes. There are several types of questions to choose from, and you can even customize your questions. The quizzing process is gamified, so it motivates students and brings greater engagement. You can use Quizizz on your computer, iPhone, or Android.


Kahoot and Quizizz are both cloud-based game-based learning platforms that were released in the year 2012. They were both designed to be easy to use, fun, and addictive. The user interface is simple and intuitive, and both applications work seamlessly on any device. They’re also free to download, making them an excellent choice for both educators and students.

Both Kahoot and Quizizz allow teachers to create quizzes and share them with students. They can even organize folders based on topics and share quizzes with fellow educators. While Kahoot and Quizizz have many advantages, there are a few main differences. Kahoot enables teachers to create custom quizzes, while Quizizz only allows multiple-choice quizzes. The downside to this format is that students may not learn anything beyond the basics of recall.

Kahoot is similar to Quizizz, but offers many more features, including live games and assigned games. Kahoot also supports group collaboration and offers real-time feedback. Teachers can use Kahoot to help review and assess student learning.

Both Kahoot and Quizizz can be used for extra credit or for fun trivia, though they can create a stressful environment for participants. Both sites require a stable WiFi connection to work, and they can be tricky to use on mobile devices. The challenges with Kahoot include unreliable internet connections, having difficulty reading the questions on the projected screen, and not enough time to answer questions. Students also worry about losing or failing, and sometimes cannot catch up if an answer is wrong.

Google Forms

Google Forms are a great tool for quizzes and surveys. They make it easy to collect data on your website and make them available to a wide range of audiences. They are also easy to use. Once you’ve set up your quiz, you can export your results to other formats.

To start using Google Forms, you need a Google account. You can create a blank form or choose from pre-designed templates. You can use different types of questions in a form and even embed images and videos. You can even upload student work into the form to collect data.

Free version

Quizzalize is an online quiz website that allows you to create your own quizzes. You can create multiple choice question sets, one word responses, and follow up resources. There is also a premium version that allows you to create unlimited quizzes. You can create as many as you want and add as many follow-up resources as you need.

New features

One of the new features of Quizizz is the ability to send reports and student reports to parents. In addition, the site has a search bar at the top of every page. It also supports Spanish and soon, it will support more languages. Quizizz is also available in a new theme called Jungle. You can choose one of the three options: Premium, Free, or Schools & Districts.

Quizziz works on any web-enabled device, including iOS devices. This makes it ideal for homework and class collaboration. Teachers can create customized quizzes and allow students to take them individually or in groups. They can also see how each student is progressing, which is especially convenient for teachers.

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