Category: Home Improvement

Home Improvement means the alteration, modification, reconstruction, repair, restoration, modernization, relocation, demolition or otherwise improving or modifying a residential or non-commercial property in whole or in part. Residential renovation shall also include the installation of insulation, the raising of residential dwellings, and the conversion of existing commercial structures to residential or non-commercial property.

Home improvements shall mean any repair, maintenance, replacement, alteration, conversion, modernization, or addition to a lot or building, or part thereof, used as a residence or dwelling of an individual of three or fewer households, and any other improvement to a structure or land adjoining a dwelling, including driveways, swimming pools, garages, and sheds shall include, but not be limited to, the installation, construction, replacement or improvement of It shall include, but not be limited to, sandblasting, power washing, waterproofing, floor polishing, chimney sweeping, interior and exterior painting, carpet installation, demolition, mold removal services and gardener/landscaping where the gardener/landscaper uses his own equipment in the performance of his duties and his own vehicle to transport such equipment.