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The Best Breastfeeding Accessories to Make Life Easier

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Breastfeeding provides a virtually endless supply of joy and companionship between a mother and her baby. From the first time you hear the unconditional sound of your baby’s coos and cries, you’ll find a connection unlike any other.

When preparing for this magnificent moment, many mothers wonder what supplies will be helpful during breastfeeding. Numerous breastfeeding accessories can make the entire experience easier.

If you’re getting ready to breastfeed for the first time, here are a few essentials you must prepare.

Nipple Shields for Pain Relief

Nipple shields are a great breastfeeding accessory to make life easier if your baby has difficulty properly latching on. Nipple shields are thin, usually silicone, shields that gently cover the nipples and aid in latching and feeding. The shield’s surface is smooth and won’t hurt your body or baby.

Not only will the shields protect from sore nipples and discomfort, but it can also help preterm babies to gain weight faster.  And, since the shields provide a more consistent shape for latching, you don’t have to worry about re-latching. Learn about measuring flange sizes today!

Electric Breast Pumps for Convenience

Electric breast pumps come with a variety of accessories. They make the breastfeeding experience more convenient and comfortable. Accessories such as breast shields, flex breast shields, valves, and bottles are perfect for comfortable and efficient milk extraction.

Also, collecting the milk with the pump is easy with collection bags and bottles. Electric breast pumps are a must-have accessory for breastfeeding moms. They provide the convenience and freedom of pumping anytime and anywhere.

Hands-Free Breastpump Bras

HandsFree Breastpump Bras are one of the best breastfeeding accessories to make life easier. They are designed to hold a breast pump in place, allowing a mom to multitask while pumping. Not only does this make breastfeeding more convenient, but it can also enhance milk production.

The bra is made from hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking fabric to ensure maximum comfort. It has adjustable straps for a secure and customized fit and a pocket in the back that fits most standard and large breast pumps. 

Milksavers and Breastmilk Collection Supplies

Milksavers are discreet, spill-proof nursing pads that fit comfortably into your bra. It catches leaked breastmilk, sparing your clothing and the embarrassment of wet spots.

Breastmilk collection supplies make it easy to store, freeze, organize and transport your milk. Having the right storing breast milk supplies makes it easier to pump and enjoy a stress-free experience. It also saves time as you can easily and quickly transport your milk without spills or mess. 

Nursing Pillows for Comfort and Support

Nursing pillows are among the most essential breastfeeding accessories. Not only do they provide comfort and support for moms, but they also help to ensure proper positioning for babies during feedings.

When selecting a nursing pillow, look for one that is firm and lightweight, so it’s easy to hold and adjust. U-shaped or horseshoe-shaped pillows can provide easier access for both mom and baby. Thinner and longer pillows are better suited for single-sided breastfeeding.

Invest in the Best Breastfeeding Accessories Today

Breastfeeding accessories can make life so much easier for a mother and baby. From places to store milk, comfortable nursing pillows, and a variety of hands-free nursing devices, there are many helpful items to choose from. If you’re expecting a nursing mom, consider investing in accessories to make your journey easier!

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