RUGAST General 2023 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Know

2023 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Know

2023 graphic design trends

Graphic design looks different every decade. Just look at the changes in art styles through the last hundred years! Are you interested in learning about current trends?

In our fast-paced society, we rely on visuals to communicate faster than words. Trends show how far we’ve come and, most importantly, how far we can go with our visuals.

Below, we’ll share with you some 2023 graphic design trends that will continue to impact us all this year. When it comes to visual communication, nothing beats a good trend. Keep reading!

Bold Typography

Bold typography has become an increasingly popular choice in graphic design. Bold letters and fonts make a statement without needing any extra flare.

They stand out on the page. It also provides an incentive for designers to become more creative. It can be used to guide viewers to key messages and draw attention to headlines and titles.

Bold type can also be used to create a strong statement. For maximum impact, try using variations in size or color to add tension and movement. Choosing a typeface is also a key factor, and finding one that has the personality and feel of your brand is important.

Surrealist Escapism

This trend can be identified by its integration of fantasy and surrealism. Surrealist escapism creates dream-like scenes with rich textures, deep hues, and unexpected color combinations. Illustrations depict abstract forms, fantasy creatures, and surrealism of everyday objects.

This style is often applied to posters, album covers, and digital art. It turns ordinary scenes into imaginative works of art.

Graphic designers use this trend to create unique and visually captivating designs. Learn the common mistakes to avoid when hiring freelance graphic designers for your next project here.

Y2K Grunge

This distinct graphic style was heavily influenced by the earlier 90s grunge rock scene. It features sharp futuristic shapes, glitchy textures, animal prints, and emotional color palettes. It’s a great way to add some interest and visual appeal to your designs.

This style is all about re-interpreting classic designs into something fresh and modern. Visual elements are highly textured with an old-school grunge-style approach. Elements like dashed outlines, abstract shapes, and distorted typefaces can blend together.

Expect to see a lot of bold and bright colors, vintage typefaces, and collages. It is an exciting trend with a lot of potential for both creativity and nostalgia.

Cartoon Mascots

Cartoon mascots can add a unique, fun element to any design. They can make a website, logo, or advertisement eye-catching and memorable. Also, creative mascots can help elevate a brand identity to the next level.

They are usually used to help simplify complex ideas. Cartoon mascots can also be used to create a stronger bond between you and your target audience. Plus, mascots can easily be incorporated into any style of graphic design.

They can be customized to fit your brand’s unique style. All in all, cartoon mascots could be the perfect way for you to make your message more engaging and accessible.

Minimalism: Essence of Simplicity

With minimalism, you can create a powerful and clean aesthetic. The concept of minimalism is about taking away elements that aren’t necessary. Basic design principles apply to minimalism, like spacing, contrast, and alignment.

Solid shapes, bold typefaces, and playful geometry are ideal for making an impactful statement. Using open negative space can help draw the viewers’ attention to the subject of the design. A focus on thoughtful composition and subtle color palettes are also some key elements.

Always keep the design uncluttered – this applies to the overall layout. It’s important to keep the colors limited and monochromatic to achieve a cohesive and sleek design. By adopting this trend, you can reach your audience and create a timeless look.

White Space is the New Color

White space is a growing trend in graphic design, second only to minimalism. It has the potential to add great impact in a few ways. It provides an opportunity to create a visual hierarchy and adds contrast to the page.

White space can also be used to help guide the user’s eye around the page, creating a visually balanced page. It can also help support the website user experience.

Geometric Shapes Lead the Way

Sharp and angular shapes, like hexagons and triangles, are seen in both minimalistic and busy designs. Traditional, softer shapes, such as circles and ovals, are also popular. There are endless possibilities with which to experiment.

Geometric shapes can be used to add visual interest to a page. It can also support the content with structure or create an illusion of depth. Coupled with other design trends, such as the use of gradients and vivid colors, geometric shapes can be used to achieve a modern, eye-catching design.

Graphic designers should embrace and explore the limitless possibilities of geometric shapes to create innovative and unique designs.

3D Typography

This type of typography is typically a combination of rounded letterforms with straight, angular lines that create a distinct visual interest. 3D Typography typically involves using heavier styles along with more decorative font choices. The end result is a look that stands out and creates a strong, bold statement.

It is a great choice for creating logos and titles. It is an excellent way to create a distinctive look and feel to the design. 3D Typography combines classic and modern elements together, creating an eye-catching, impactful work.

It is a great choice when it comes to artistic trends and one of the must-know trends that designers should keep an eye on.

Graphic design trends are consistently changing as technology and style evolve. It is important for graphic designers to stay up-to-date on the latest trends so that their designs are relevant.

Knowing the 2023 graphic design trends will ensure that your artworks provide the best aesthetic for your clients. Try experimenting with some of the current trends to stay ahead of the curve.

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